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Thinking of painting interiors? TapPainter lets you visualize interior spaces and explore new colors before you buy paints.

Fastest and easiest way to visualize painting

Choosing new colors for your area is fast and easy. Our app analyzes the change in interior lighting, preserves it, and adjusts the color brightness based on the room’s lighting within the image.

Select A Wall

Simply snap a picture of your wall. Tap on the wall you want to recolor. TapPainter is designed to automatically find the wall for you and respectfully avoid painting over objects on or near the wall.

Select A Color

Choose from thousands of real paint colors! Choose colors using our intuitive color wheel, choose a color from any color fan deck available in TapPainter or, simply enter the color code from a paint swatch.

Recolor the Wall

Your wall will now be digitally painted! Tap on the paint roller to apply the selected color. In just a few seconds you will see a near real image with preserved lighting conditions, shadows, and objects.

Picture your room with new colors

Get the job done with a painting pro!

TapPainter now let's you connect with a national network of highly qualified, and well reviewed, interior and exterior painting professionals to get your painting project done fast!

Find the Right Pro

Hire with Confidence

Detailed Cost Data

Clean, simple, and powerful

TapPainter has lots of color fan decks to choose from. Benjamin Moore, Behr, California Paints, Dunn Edwards, Dutch Boy, Sherwin Williams, Kelly Moore and many others are among them. With TapPainter you can enter a color code from a paint swatch, choose a color from selected paint brand or mix your own custom color which can be converted to a closest available paint color in a brand you choose.

Some of the amazing brands to choose from!

Download Now and Get Started!

TapPainter is the most accurate interior paint color visualizer available today. It was first released March 2014 and is the first physics-based room color visualizer to tackle the challenging problem of accurate room color prediction. We are continually working to improve our room analysis.

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