Color Visualizer

Color Visualizer for Business

Looking to showcase your paint products in their best light?
We are the only paint color visualizer company with enough confidence to show virtual and real painted projects side by side, check out a few examples below.


API Licensing

For clients building their own interface, we offer our best in class virtual coloring white label product. Competitive pricing with options including:

  • Wall detection

  • True color detection

  • Multi-surface paint

  • Custom shape

  • Mobile Device color calibration – helps ensure your colors look the same on all devices

  • 3D sensor integration


Custom App Development

Our custom apps team is ready to help you design the best virtual painting app for your business. Our design process includes:

    • Market Analysis – Both hyper-localized and regional

    • Requirements gathering – Helping meet your companies individual goals

    • Rapid Prototyping Multi-platform including: Android, Apple, and Web

    • Embedded algorithm option (faster response time, does not require device internet connection)

Living Room Example

Organic Living Room

Painted with TapPainter

Painted Living Room

Kitchen Room Example

Painted with TapPainter

Painted Living Room

Organic Living Room